Woke at three in the ayem, having just ripped a fart that was more substantial and less ethereal than was optimal. Leads me to wonder what I have eaten. A quick shower later, I’m back in bed with the shit/fart discriminator circuit turned up to 11.

I am wearing

a pair of Duluth Trading Company Buck Naked underwear.

So far they’re ok. I’m a FTL guy,myself. Problem with most mens drawers is no matter how well they fit when you put them on they’re floppy and sloppy by the time I get to work, and I’m tugging and yanking all day.

So far the only issue with these is traction, or rather lack therof. they’re a little slicker so i have to make the belt tighter or my pants fall down. Comes of being an old man with typical old man “hey where’d your ass go?” syndrome.

Anyway, these things are $26 a pair. I got them on sale for $13. I don’t know if my junk is really worth $13. I mean, I certainly treasure it but I need about two dozen pairs of drawers to keep from wearing them out so fast they burst into flames (An actual danger). So I’d have to have hundreds of dollars worth of drawers.

So I may have to order a few more pair to do more extensive testing.

Now I can concentrate on the other forty eleven things i have going on.

The house is at least done (Well, the roof) but there is always work to do. Not much ambition. If I ever live long enough, I will build a home that is completely maintenance proof. It will have poured concrete walls with the color cast in place, wide eaves to overhang the walls, the roof will be metal, pitched properly and be unpierced, the heat hydronic, the air conditioning and filtration on the main floor, and there will only be one floor. All the windows will have working shutters and the surrounding property will slope steadily away from the house. The garage will be semi detached but accessible in winter via a heated breezeway. The rooms that can’t be cleaned with a leafblower will be able to be flushed like a dishwasher, close the door and push the button, come back in two hours to an immaculate sparkling room.

A guy has to have his dreams.

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