I spend a lot of time

alone with my thoughts. Once upon a time this was accidental- I would find myself on a road trip or in a hotel far from home and when my mind goes on autopilot, it reaches out and finds things that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Sometimes it’s just ways to fix something or modify something so it works better, sometimes it’s the way people interact with one another, sometimes it’s the way theologies clash or intersect.

I am perfectly capable of being alone in a crowd, and like it, though I generally maintain a good level of situational awareness.

Lately my thoughts turn more to work because of the contortions I must do to get through each day. When those issues are resolved, though, I drift back into old mental pathways, and a lot of them involve the way people are assholes to each other. I’ve seen nearly all the ways someone can be a dick to someone else, and none of it is very much fun. I have some pretty simple answers, but as a Christian I suppose I am forbidden from acting upon them. Pitiably, others are not so encumbered.

Another couple of rough weeks

VERY busy, and no end in sight.

Trying to get a roof on the house before the end of the season. Not easy. Lots of shit going on and the roofer is good so he’s busy. Oy.

Another fine irish lad

Tried to blow up some more people.

When all Muslims disavow the actions of these types, and disinherit the pieces of the Koran which foster this activity, then I’m good with Islam. Until then, it is a disease that cannot be reasoned with and must be eradicated if humanity is to survive.

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