i have watched, with some interest

The Hugo clusterfuck. Im probably off base, but heres what ive seen:

A group of people think they get to choose what is good or bad regardless of what actually is good or bad.

A group of people who would like there to be a reasonably level playing field

A handful of authors/bloggers who mistakenly think of themselves as the only adults in the room, telling everyone how they should behave.

Of the three, i find the last most irritating.

In the end, it has introduced me to some new authors that i enjoy. So ill take it. A net positive in my book. And bookshelf.


One of the things your friends- your real friends- can do for you, is to motivate you. I have such an awful damned pile of shit going on it’s like I don’t know where to start; now I’m started. Werner and Partner spent all day saturday here, in the morning we went to niemeyers junk sale, in the afternoon to all the gun stores, and then the two of them goaded me into dragging a bunch of wood up the hill. It’s nice to have some of it done, and while there is still a lot left to do I have at least made a start. I’ll have to see how it goes from here. There is a powerful lot to do. We got about a volkswagon sized pile of brush dragged up the hill, and about a face cord of firewood cut, and I went back today and did some more before it started raining. And while this is my kind of weather, the aches and pains are exacerbated by the weather, and I will hit the hay tonight in exquisite pain.

That may be a weird name for it, but that’s what I call it- pain in the joints and muscles that show you’ve worked everything hard, but not hard enough to stop you from sleeping, and you drift off to healing sleep. Like that shivering you get as a fever breaks, when you lie in bed weak and beaten but alive, and you smile, wrap the blankets around you harder, and say, yes, I made it through. I will live.

Auction day

Today is the day of the auction at Lowell, mostly farm equipment and old lawnmowers and etc. but sometimes they have a decent old chainsaw or similar. That’s kinda what I’m looking for, is an arborists saw that halfway runs. Otherwise I just like to hear the auctioneer chatter.

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