So involved in work that at least ten times in the last week I have postponed urinating so long that once I got within mere sight of a facility my internal urethral sphincter let go and I had to kegel like a banshee to keep from wetting myself.
The old place had me doing work like this all the time, but it was sometimes fairly well spaced between projects. Now, the projects not only adjoin but often overlap, and I find myself increasingly pulled in multiple directions.

It’s nice to be wanted, I suppose. It’s nicer still to be the goto guy, and I find myself surrounded by younglings seeking to drink deeply of the well of knowledge. Most of what I can tell them is more about being willing to learn for themselves than about imparting any specific wisdom, but sometimes, you can only learn that on your own.

Sorry to be away so long. I’d rather be busy.

I’m sure I’ll get so spend a lot more time laughing about politics in upcoming months.

Nice to have something go well for a change.

Went to help a former co-worker set up a machine/robot interface. It was sketchy for a while but we got it and made it work. And today we’ll clean and move some things around before having turkey day dinner on Friday. That way we don’t conflict with other schedules. And I can get some things done without too much drama. Lord knows, I need the break.

Bloody week.

Everything that could go south, went south. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Nobody was surprised.

I’m tickled to be employed, of course, and lord knows I love a challenge, but good lord.

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