So I have learned a thing or two.

The first thing was, to always get the high-res scan from the Darkroom. As always, click to embiggenate.
Tri-X 120, Bronica ETRS 75mm
The lens on the Bronica can only really be appreciated at high res. The original image of this barn can, I kid you not, be best appreciated through a microscope.

The second thing, was that the Bronica has a razor sharp depth of field, unless you stop it down to kingdom come. Look at this picture of the old busted concrete that came out of my garage, for instance. OLDCRETE
Tri-X 120, Bronica ETRS 75mm

Also, Bronica lenses are cheap and I should buy them all.
Ektachrome 100, Bronica ETRS 75mm lens
Same shot, Ektachrome 100, Bronica ETRS 150mm lens
The 150 mm lens came up on Ebay for $49 buy it now with free shipping the week before vacation, and I could not say no to it. And I am most pleased to have it.

The black and white is what I really like, though, and this is the sort of thing that would make me put together a darkroom, again.
Tri-X, Bronica ETRS with 150mm lens

At first I was upset that the Bronica’s razor thin depth of field hadn’t landed anywhere on the critter, but now I sort of like the lomoesque nature of it. For sharpness, I got this.
Tri X, Bronica ETRS with 75mm lens

Anyway, this is the first roll of “Vacation” film, and I really have loved using the camera. The odd saturation of the Ektachrome is something I will have to play with, get some filters, something. I have a couple rolls of Ilford in the mix and now it’s getting cooler I won’t be afraid to keep the camera in the car with me.

The company I work for

has been affiliated with a specific machine tool builder for many years now. That builder has managed to screw itself up adequately that it was a danger to itself, and it may well be that they have crossed the line in their hubris.

We have officially disassociated ourselves from them and are now affiliated with a Korean company that is bending over backwards to accommodate us. My training in the new product line began today, and I could hardly be more pleased. So far it is everything I could have hoped for and more. All this week we train, and then Nellie bar the door.

Patsy Stone at breakfast.

I know it’s not actually Patsy, because she eats, but this woman looks so much like Joanna Lumley it’s not funny. I really do like Patsy Stone, and I have a huge respect for Joanna Lumley because she is the child of a Ghurka, and has a pretty damned impressive resume. And the woman who shows up at the restaurant who looks so much like her, has the legs and backside to be Joanna when she was in the New Avengers- while she’ll never be Dianna Rigg, she filled out the suit nicely.

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