Shit breaks

Except robots.

I just got a service call from a customer who had a programming question about an old robot. A REALLY old robot. it was almost ten years old when I installed it, used, over twenty years ago.

The robot still runs a 24 hour day, and has now been doing so for over thirty years. And aside from (Minimal) normal maintenance it is just ignored. And the new ones are built ten times as well, cost less, carry more, and still have a published reliability of 65,000 to 76,000 hours mean time between failure, and most dramatically exceed that.

Wish they made knees.

Close to the bone

Saw this on the way home.

One thirtysomething guy driving a Volvo, towing a stripped down bike on a harbor freight trailer. His suit was on the backseat along with a couple of toolboxes. The helmet, some of the decals scuffed off, was on the passenger seat.

The bike has been down, it looks like, the other side which I couldn’t get a picture of was rashier. The tank dent, I think was a comfort dent.

I had gofast dreams but not gofast coordination. Thankfully I learned that before I could put my hands on a really fast bike.

Did make me think, though. And my well wishes went with him, imagining the music the bike plays in your ass while the tires read the road like heads on a tape deck, the track an endless loop of sweet music.

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