If you’re the kind of person

Who sees snowfall and says, great, I can go skiing! or sees a path, and says, hey, I’ll get out my bike! then you may want to seek professional help.

All I want to do is hunt.

Our club has a fenceline they walk every year that needs to be maintained, and this year the club VP had suggested a biathlon/bikeathlon, and we have been clearing trails to that purpose. I see stuff like this, and i just want to shoulder a rife and walk. We have a mile and a half, maybe two miles, of relatively flat trails that we will either bike or ski, and at the end of each lap, stop and shoot a course of fire like a biathlon. It looks like it will be a great deal of fun. To watch.

there is that moment

When you have spent all week writing code for that piece of equipment- you know, the one that costs as much as a new lambo, and you have the part and the tools and the code in place and its time to push the GO button. Im here to tell you it will make you pucker.

Look, people.


Personally, I don’t really care if you like to smoke pole or bump uglies; trust me, there are things I have done myself, that if you saw them, would make you curl up in the fetal position, after you stopped vomiting. I really, really don’t care what you do, how you do it, or who you do it to, so long as they are capable of consenting, and do.


And if I ran a business that made wedding cakes, and a group of three Sinhalese boys came in who wanted a wedding cake with a sculpture of them sucking each other off, I would do my best to make them happy. Not in any personal physical way. Because if they are participating in a sin, that sin is theirs and theirs alone, I’m just making a cake.


That’s just me. Actually, most of the people who seem to have most of the issues with this are fundamentalists of one stripe or another, and that’s their business, not mine.


But I understand what is going on. What is going on, is Paul and Fred are driving past Bruce’s All Gay All the Time there’s No business like SHOW business handjobs while you wait cake store, to demand service at Mabels Bakery. Not because Mabel makes a better cake, lord knows I get my cakes from Bruce myself, but because Mabel has religious convictions and Paul and Fred feel bad that Mabel is judging them and Mabel must be punished.  The problem here is not Mabel, the problem here, is Paul and Fred are assholes. I don’t think we should write new caselaw to protect Mabel from Paul and Fred, I think the caselaw that says everyone must serve anyone should be struck down.


Don’t get me wrong, if I owned a building that someone wanted to rent from me to turn into an abortion clinic, I would burn it to the ground and salt the earth and do prison time if necessary before I allowed that to happen. because that would be me abetting a grave sin on the part of many, and would specifically endanger my immortal soul.


Baking a cake for someone who is themself in a state of sin is, well, almost unavoidable. Not just because they’re gay, or lesbian, but because they spent that week in Cabo long before they tied the knot, or any number of other reasons. We are all sinners. I may be their king.


People are determined to be dicks. The LGBT community is acting as if it were a virtue. Dish it, people, Christians have a history of persecution. We’re still here, and we won’t be going anywhere soon.


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