I am perfectly happy

living inside my head. I am pretty good company to myaelf. So long as I have research material to be able to answer the questions I ask myself, I’m happy as a clam.

If I had to live like that, I could. On the other hand, I love what Kup called “The Lively art of conversation”. And I love and appreciate the people who can do it.

Timing in a conversation is important. Knowing when to shut up and let the other person talk is critical. Knowing when to talk and how much. Coordinating your replies and not tangentializing. One on one or in small groups, this is one of my favorite things to do, either in a private setting or over a meal. I’m certainly not as good at it as some, but when someone can’t converse well it is irritating to speak with them. This, combined with a certain amount of hearing loss, is why I don’t like to talk on the phone, to anyone, it doesn’t make for conversational flow as face-to-face. Often texting or email is better, for my purposes, if I must do so long distance. Also, there are more than a few conversations I will not have except face-to-face.

When I’m busy I miss this. When I can’t hook up with Partner for more than a week I get antsy, or my African friends, or Werner, or Tam/Brigid/EJ/B/MC/Ed whomever.

So I may be a bit short tempered- or more so than usual- because I’m, in the middle of three or four LARGE projects at work, as well as some garage work as well as the ongoing tree projects. I’m not trying to be pissy, just trying to get shit done and there’s only one of me and so much shit.

I am up to my alligator

In assholes. I have so many irons in the fire i just dont know which red hot poker to jam up my keister next. Sorry for the dearth of content but its likely to be scarce on the ground for a few more weeks.


Don’t go telling your company-or mine- that i did my job inadequately. I have my original code on the issue, and i loaded it into the robot, and since it did not have your dumbass edits, it worked properly. The flak you are now taking is because you lied about me. Never do that again.

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