Indeed, I did not have a post yesterday

I do have plenty for which I am thankful, and I spent most of the day enjoying that with friends and family. Still busy as a longtailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.

Welp, first snow

Not permanent, looks like it will be in the 50’s and rainy by next weekend, but the ground is white. Not my idea of fun. But I fired up the snowblower last night, and it’s ready to run, and hopefully the garage floor heat will be going in this weekend.

Chris Kimball

And Cooks Country are parting ways.

Good fucking riddance. That useless holier-than-thou trustafarian jackass contributed nothing to the show; it was obvious he himself did little or nothing, and a shit-flinging ape could be taught to put on an apron and make appreciative noises at the work of someone with actual skill. I hope the show quadruples it’s viewership and income. Die in a fire, talentless hack.

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