Another couple of rough weeks

VERY busy, and no end in sight.

Trying to get a roof on the house before the end of the season. Not easy. Lots of shit going on and the roofer is good so he’s busy. Oy.

Another fine irish lad

Tried to blow up some more people.

When all Muslims disavow the actions of these types, and disinherit the pieces of the Koran which foster this activity, then I’m good with Islam. Until then, it is a disease that cannot be reasoned with and must be eradicated if humanity is to survive.

The memory of todays horrors

Brought to you by the toxic ideology of Islam. Nothing else. It isn’t just a couple of evil morons who flew planes into buildings but the writings of a child molesting evil “prophet” 1400 years ago that lit this candle. This will continue until this ideology is erased from the planet.

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