Well, it’s time.

After far in excess of 400,000 miles, the Explorer is finally ready to retire. The daughter is getting ready to go to school, so I pulled it in the garage to do a last preflight and it puked a brake line right there. I’ve replaced it, but it’s pretty obvious the rest are just as rusty. I could replace all the brake lines but it would take a week, and there’s enough other rusty crap that it’s just not worth it. So she won’t have a car her sophomore year (Or at least not all of it, we may find something in the interim) and the Ogwife will have to drive her to school Friday, but I will be a good deal less worried about her.

Meanwhile, the Exploder, which I have loved and which has given me so little grief all it’s life, is going to have to go away. It breaks my heart. I wish I had a project car I could stick the mill in, it’s in perfect condition, just like the transmission, but the last two or three years of sitting outdoors has taken it’s toll.

A lot of stuff happening,

some I can’t talk about, and some I don’t want to. Trying to get daughter packed up for her next year of college, the concomitant greief that involves, and other things I will be able to talk about in September. I will be able to post more then.

Long week

Worst part has been trying to find food. Every chain known to man but few places to get actual food. Looking forward to being home and eating something less processed than refined.

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