Operation Blazing Sword

is a group started by Erin Palette to get LGBT people interested and educated in firearms use for self defense. I don’t know Erin personally except through Facebook, but I know the idea is good.

I have tried to get my NRA instructors certification before, but have not been able to get to the classes. I am not an NRA certified instructor. But if you’d like some instruction about safe gun handling, storage, use, trigger discipline, I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. I can put a wide variety of firearms in your hands and teach you how to safely shoot each one. Having no handgun marksmanship skills, I will not attempt to teach them to you. I can almost hit a refrigerator box from the inside, so get your marksmanship skills elsewhere.

I will have to say this.

I will not be teaching Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay/transgender people. I will not be teaching any of those groups.

I will only teach people. That’s right, you have to be a person to learn from me. I am not interested, at all, in what you do with your wobbly dangly bits, whose wobbly dangly bits you rub them up against, and how many of you there are. The range is not an appropriate place for that when shooting is occurring.

That is all.

I’m still recovering from the tractor fiasco.

And the last weeks worth of weirdness both at home and in the news has not improved my mood.

When i was in seminary I spent a lot of times studying the world’s religions. I don’t recommend it. A lot of what sanity I might otherwise have retained is now gone as a result.

The world has a lot of really, really good decent people in it. Some people follow the tenets of their religion closely, and become even better people. Some people follow the tenets of their religion closely, and become monsters.

I like good people. I dislike monsters. As a Christian, it is not my concern when people are monsters; vengeance, after all, belongs to the Creator. As a human, I am not thus restricted. I know that my human self should never override my Christian self, but there are times when I wonder.

More arts and bloody crafts.

So the Friday before last, just as I finished mowing, the clutch in the tractor started making an awful racket. I finished and parked it, knowing it would need some attention.

So monday night after work I ripped into it and discovered one of the clutch pressure plate brackets had broken.

This is a 52 year old tractor, you can’t get parts at Ace hardware.

So I scoured Ebay, and found what I wanted, a nice condition used pressure plate, and the owner shipped it posthaste, and after some cleaning and regreasing and lubrication I’m back in business. What a pain, though. I have bruises and scrapes and crap in places I would not have thought possible. Pictures to follow, I hope.

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