Arts and crafts

OK, Hale asked for pics. Here’s where you start, lining up the timing marks, here with a pin to make sure the cam is at TDC


As per usual, click to embiggenate.

Next, remove all these vacuuum lines

And these.

Oh, and once you have that stuff all apart, don’t forget about these.

Two or three days of that, and a lot of bleeding, and some real pain, and you’ll get here.

After a lot of scrubbing of the engine block with stones, and cleaning the pistons, and carefully assembling all the things that could be assembled, you end up with this.

Now you’re nearly done. All you have to do is install the intake manifold, the fuel injectors, the fuel rail, the pulleys, belts, hoses, distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, gaskets, seals, exhaust manifold, gaskets, seals, wires, vacuum lines, gas lines, overflow lines, covers, brackets, spacers, smpers, and finally the vermicious knid.

Took a while, but it’s all in there, an hour or so at a time over the week before last (Once I finally got the damned head). And now it’s passed emissions, and I think I’m gonna give it a new thermostat just on principle, and then I just have to fix the door wiring so the windows work.


Arts and crafts, as P. Hale says.

So just before Christmas I bought the daughter a used Camry. It’s in nice shape, and it was cheap enough, but I figured I might have to do some work to it. I just didn’t know how soon.

Just before she was due to go back to school the radiator cap failed, and it lost all the coolant, and hosed the head gasket. OK, high miles, a head gasket is a minor expense, no biggie. I also knew the old head might need valve stem seals, so a good time to do that. For the cost of doing so myself, I was able to buy a reman head and have someone else do all that work, and save myself some grief, and basically have a freshened engine.

The head people were slow as molasses in January.

What should have arrived in three days took the better part of five weeks. And when it did arrive, it went together very slowly, as the 3,847 vacuum lines and hoses and connectors were not easy to find and remember location after so much time. Thankfully, most everything is keyed, so I did get it all together, and it’s maiden voyage was last wednesday night. It started and ran perfectly, and I put five or six miles on it running around the neighborhood.

Yesterday the wife reminded me the cars were due for plates, and the Camry and Rav4 both needed emissions tests. So I ran the Rav4 through this morning, and drove the still spanky new Camry over this afternoon, in the miserable heat.

No problems, no overheating, everything ran fine. Passed through emissions with flying colors and then 500 yards out of the testing site the engine started racing. Apparently the cruise control linkage was sticky, and heat and not being used for a while didn’t help it. So after some dicking around I ended up in the parking lot of a restaurant where a kid loaned me some WD-40, and everything seems to be fine now. Well, except the windows don’t open, but that’s another clusterfuck for another day.

Og, you dumbass

Just because it was cool and cloudy when you went out Saturday AM doesn’t mean it was going to stay that way. And you always have a boonie hat rolled up in the car. Sunny day plus high & tight equals sunburn, or did you forget?

Anyway, got six or seven acres of southern illinois clay disced and cleaned up, and a pretty good size feedlot planted. Sunflowers, corn, sorghum, millet. If that don’t bring the doves and the deer, we might as well give up.

Need to go hack down all the bloody honeysuckle too, as I’m sure the deer aren’t liking that. It’s Japanese so it’s invasive and we need to get rid of it. Maybe next trip.

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