We have

a breeding pair of little foxes who live in the area, I think under an evergreen tree two doors down the street. I see them every couple of days, they’re opportunists but they also seem to like our backyard (Sort of a jungle, at present). Not as big as a big housecat, and with hella long legs, they move fast and these have not fully shed their winter coats (Good thing for them!!)

We have heard them in the night. Their bark sounds like a woman finding a big spider in her underwear drawer.

I’d rather they not come to any harm. We had one many years back when Cooney was among the living, and he and Cooney would go to war over property rights- that or he wanted to mate with cooney, who was himself a tom.

If I had chickens or rabbits, I would shoot a fox or a coyote in a minute, but so long as I don’t have any livestock to protect, I think of them as just other predators in the chain. And I leave them alone. Think of it as professional courtesy.

I’ll take this

Cool weekend ahead. Fine by me, the AC in the scape is still not fixed. I have the parts now, I just need the time. Hope to be able to get at it tomorrow. Can only piss on one campfire at a time.

I have not spoken much

About either Scotuscare or gay marriage, because it does no good. If I don’t wave a rainbow flag I’m hatey mchaterson, and frankly, I’m sick to death of people who have no discernible faith telling me how I should practice mine, people who aren’t gay telling me what gays want and do and what their intentions are, and people who are just fine with seeing the church “Taken down a notch or two”. Fuck’em. So called “Libertarians” would, you think, be interested in the protection of everyone’s liberties, not just those they favor. Everyone who reads here anymore who thinks they understand what I’m talking about, and disagrees, take it for granted you do not understand. And I can’t make you understand, because you have too much invested in me being wrong, to even admit it to yourself.

Hillary Clinton will be our next president. She will probably do one term and then foist some other horror off on us. If we have another republican in our lifetime it will be someone that makes Chris Christie look like Ronald Reagan.

No, I don’t have any intention of giving up. I shake the dust from my sandals at all those “Reasonable people” who have never once made the slightest effort to even consider I might be right, which now, demonstrably, I am. We have entered a period of persecution of Christians that will not end well for anyone. I’m sick of all the condescending shitbirds that sneer at the ongoing harm being done to Christians, and I don’t have any patience for them anymore. I have my own path, and will follow it, and I need no more counsel in that direction than my own informed conscience. I will do one thing all those idiots hate so much, I will continue to pray at them, in as much a premeditated way as possible.

Meanwhile, a lot of Christians have made the decision, as have I, long, long ago, to be in the world, but not of it. I highly recommend that choice for anyone still reading that still cares.

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