Yesterday, all day spent tying tubing down to the remesh in the floor, poured today. Tomorrow they pour the apron. 20 days from now, I can park in my garage again.

Garage door will need some adjustment, but that’s all fine. And I’ll have a solid, new garage floor for the very first time in my life. Hopefully before fall arrives, I will be able to afford to add the heat as well.

of course now all hell has broken loose at work, the Escape has chosen this time not to have air conditioning, and it probably needs brakes as well. Well, I suppose I can do it on the asphalt driveway like I have done a thousand times before. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of one of my hunting companions sharpening the blades of the lawnmower on our hunting property.


Project gun.

So the 93 Mauser in 7.62 x 39 saw some action on Monday, I have acheap scope on it and a decent trigger in it, and I put about a hundred rounds of tulammo through it.

And man did I suck.

I had to pick up a friends gun and shoot it some to make sure i could still shoot. I can. I put 10 rounds of 223 downrange about, oh, 50 yards, offhand, and I think you could have covered the resulting group with a quarter.

So either the barrel I have is for shit, the ammo is crappy (THe Tulammo did seem to vary in recoil) and or the scope is moving. And there remains the “I suck” portion of the equation.

But it shouldn’t be. THis little rifle ought to shoot fine, and if I can take all the variables out of it, and it doesn’t start shooting better, it will find a new home. I would gwt a nice group and then it would fan out five inches across. i know I don’t suck that much.

taking a break

From projects, from work. A day of planned maintenance at mancamp, and shooting, and not stressing. More later.

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