Is not exactly secret, most who know me know pretty well what I do but as there is a certain professionalism involved in it, it is not appropriate to share details, and frankly, there are a lot of things I have done that have become the industry standard for that equipment- though, in reality, it has always more or less been my intellectual property.

I don’t mind. A powerful lot of what I do, I do because I have had the opportunity to be of assistance to American Industry, at the large and small end of the scale. At least two fairly large companies I know are still in existence solely because I have helped improve their efficiency and reduce their direct labor, and I’m probably being modest.

I have a better than average understanding of how industry works, at a nuts and bolts level, than most people I know. Every time I pick up an item I reverse engineer it in my head, and I have seen enough actual manufacturing to be able to extrapolate the way just about everything is manufactured.

For this reason I LOVE to watch “How it’s made” On complex things they often leave out details, but I have watched them all, or at least all the ones on Netflix, and comparing the filmed version with my own extrapolation I have not been wrong yet; there are after all only so many ways to build things. If you do wonder how things are made, you could do a great deal worse than to watch this series, it’s on Netflix and several other places. Plus they have episodes at places like Holland and Holland, which is worth your price of admission right there.