Must be the oatmeal

though I hadn’t even eaten any of it yet! But I went from zero to turtlehead in OMG seconds. I have no idea why. Sort of a sneak attack crap. All part of getting older I assume.

Hello, Monday

you annoying bitch. I am gonna do what I can to make it through today without beating someone, but I’m not making any promises. Plus, big pile of shit going on at home and at work, so not amused. But I’ll get through it, I always do. bedtime cannot come too soon.

Pieces coming together

Little by little. Roof on the house should be coming around mid next month. yesterday I finally got someone to come out and clean up the backyard, so it’s no longer a bunch of downed trees. Daughter’s car within striking distance, I hope. And the insurance and 401k at work about to kick in.

Never been busier. Surrounded by a few people who really know their jobs, and a lot of kids that are playing engineer for the first time in their lives. Oy. Deliver me from fools.

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