I know, I know.

It’s probably not nice to paint ben-gay on the feeder poles to keep the squirrels off them, but it’s a hoot watching them scrub their nuts on the grass afterwards.

Outside my kitchen window

I see these little bastards on a regular basis. But I never associated them with their song, which sounds like a ringtone.

Dull and boring things, they are the welfare queens of the bird world. True cuckolds, they never nest or settle, they lay their eggs, lots of them, in other birds nests, early in the season. Their eggs hatch sooner, and as they grow they often push the other eggs or nestlings out and/or kill them, while the adoptive parents continue to feed it.

The call sounds like a trickle of water and the first few times I heard it I thought there was a leak somewhere.

I suppose that everyone has a survival strategy, I got precious little use for parasites, though.

Derby Day

Headed off tomorrow to see the Derby at Arlington Park. Have the tickets and parking passes in the car. I like to watch the races, but I’m not much of a gambler. I usually throw a couple dollars on the nose of some high odds horse in the derby, and I might box a $3 trifecta. Otherwise, it’s all about the Ogwife, she’s never seen the races in person, so it will be her first time. This way I can avoid her buying a $400 hat. Me, I like the dogs up in Dairyland a lot more.

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