I have begun to have lucid dreams.

Not often, and I don’t know how long it will last, but I have dreams in which I am aware of the dream, and i can completely control it. Which means I can fly. It means I can materialize people and things out of thin air. I can bend anyone and anything to my will. I am not entirely sure this is a good thing, because I am a buttoned down person. Still, I don’t or won’t do things that the Creator is opposed to, so it’s not like I’m going to do things in my dreams that are “off”, but it is interesting. I hope it lasts.

What a week!

Engineering staff meetings and ungodly travel. 11 hours monday on airplanes and in airports, and 14 hours wednesday ditto (Starting at 0300 hours) and by the time I got home last night I was knackered. And now I’ve just gotten through the days catchup, and tomorrow I need to get expenses done, and pack up my grip, and sunday is SHOT.

Four hours.

Four hours of screaming two year old directly in front of me. OK, he did sleep for about a half hour, but during that time, his 3 year old sister took up the slack. Dad was fiftysomething, and mom, who looked very much like Caroline Catz, was thirtysomething, and had another in the oven. Made me wonder if this was the ‘Trophy” and if so what horrible thing he’d done to deserve it.

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