Now it’s your turn. Yesterday was filled stem to stern with stupid, but I did not let it harsh my mellow. I had a job to do at a difficult customer under difficult conditions which one of my colleagues had just done last week, it took him (and three other guys) all week.

I got the apprentice that has no fear of work, and doesn’t know that you can’t do things, so he just does them. We had all the pieces and all the room, and we did the job in four hours. part of the job involved removing the machine door and replacing it with a bigger, heavier door. We picked the old door off and put the new door back on, not thinking for a moment that the door weighed 300 lbs. if we had thought about how heavy it was we might have waited until we got help, instead we just did it.

I had to keep busy just because I had to not think about what was going on in my head. See, I had a song stuck in there all day, and it kept trying to come out of my head and inflict itself on others. And my young apprentice had never done anything to deserve the chicken dance.

You really don’t either, but just because I’m in a mood, here’s a little Benny Bell.