Please go and read Beth Donovan, who has restarted her blog.

The Fungus

has one of the best posts he’s ever written.

Some of the post is a link to this post by Cold Fury, which is always an interesting read

Who’s laughing now?

but the money quotes are from Ed himself. Bathe in the glory of this truth bomb:

“Not just disagree, but hate. It seems to me that my somnolent image was correct: they hate the world, they hate life, they hate existence itself, because to them every moment is nothing but jagged, rusty metal gouging skin.

They abhor beauty because they can’t see it. They hate excellence because they can’t achieve it. They want to punish those who see beauty and attain the greater heights because they cannot; and their political system ensures that no one can ever do anything other than suffer.

Their obsession with sex stems from the fact that it is their only relief, however fleeting, from the suffering their ideology imposes on them. But there’s no beauty in it for them, just the satiation of animal lusts; and so they make it, too, as ugly as they can, with fifty-seven genders and a thousand perversions.”

Also sorry to mail this one in after so long, but my life will never be simple or relaxed, so… Still, with the changes in FB I’m driven here more than usual. I just need to get this interface working better.

So the tooth

From the last post turned out to need a root canal and the dentist managed to accomplish a half of it. I have to go back for the second half this Thursday.

And then most likely a crown.

In The first visit he nicked a nerve or something with the injection in my tongue is still numb on the left side. We will see how well that heals up. I’m usually not concerned about the dentist this was the worst experience I had ever had in my life.

But At least there’s a big Bill at the end of it to take my mind off the pain

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