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October 2012

where is Obama?

Why isnt he flying his magic unicorn over the devastation farting repairs and cash? He must hate white people, rich people and jews!


Holding my breath

The media will be all over the hurricane, and they will make the inevitable comparisons to Katrina. How Wingnuthead acts in response to this will unquerstionably effect the outcome of the elections, but at the same time….

Sometimes, when confronted by the overwhelming evidence of their own eyes, people actually learn. It’s not often, but it does happen. And witnessing the actual events of Sandy vs the media reportage, more than a few people might just say to themselves, “hey, maybe these folks in the media have been misleading us about other shit too”.

Would it not be amazing to see the state of NY covered in red, on the electoral map?

I’m still betting the other way, but there’s that moment you have to indulge a fantasy, like the couple dreamy minutes between buying a lotto ticket and finding out some fat moron in Compton won YOUR $45 million bucks.

In other news, scientists have discovered a “Tau protein” gene that affects the ability to remember and reason. Seems with the gene switched off, mice who had been affliced with alzheimers-like symptoms were able to regain their capability for reason and memory.

Well, now wee know what causes that horrid disease “Democrat itis”

Mmm. The snark is strong in this one. Mmmm. /yoda

Harvey, arguably the very best person I know, displays his trademark snark in a way that made me glad I wasn’t drinking coffee (Or, for that matter, anything) at the time.

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