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November 2012

Get the government out of my bedroom!

I need more room for the sheep.

We have about finished degrading humans in general, now it’s time to work on the animals.

Every time I hear somene rip off some bullshit about “You can’t legislate morality, man!” it make me want to jam a face eating monkey down their pants. How fucking stupid do you have to be to say something that ignorant?

No, you cannot pass a law that will make people be moral anymore than you can pass a law that will stop Tupacs Abeer from busting a cap in MC Twoturntablesandamicrophone, but the POINT of law is to PUNISH IMMORAL BEHAVIOR.

Murder. Immoral. Illegal.
Rape. Immoral. Illegal.
Theft. Immoral. Illegal.

See a pattern emerging here? The morality of jamming your pecker in an 11 year old’s mouth/ass is not even a question among civilized people, and neither is the morality of cornholing a sheep and then cooking it for dinner. This is different from “GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY BEDROOM!!!!. What consenting adults do with their time is their own business, unless they do it in the SUBWAY in front of a TROOP OF GIRLSCOUTS. And there is absolutely no sane person who thinks otherwise. But it’s an issue in every election because the media and the left MAKE it an issue. No. You cannot make people act in a certain manner by making laws, as has been repeatedly demonstrated through human history. But you can put them in the stripey hole if they don’t obey the laws, and the laws SHOULD be limited to REWARDNG MORAL OR PUNISHING IMMORAL BEHAVIOR. (This dichtomy between not making laws because they don’t do anything to change human behavior and the general illegality of firearms makes the People’s Socialist Republic of Illinois the most schizophrenic state in the union, IMHO)

Driving 170 on the expressway (If you have a car that will do that!) is illegal, and will get you a ticket and if you do it often enough it will get you a lot more. But it is not intrinsically immoral so long as your driving skills are up to the task and the road conditions are appropriate.

Driving 170 in a busy school zone just as the kids are getting off school is stupid, and the case can be made that it is immoral.

Why both of these situations are more or less equal in the eyes of the law blows my mind. But it is the way things are; we have spent the last 50 years or more concentrating on the politically correct and ignoring the moral; so that every special interest group has a group of nanny laws that protect it like a cocoon, and god forbid you commit a crime that involves a “protected” person because then it’s a “Hate crime” which enhances your penalty. How the fuck can a crime be less offensive if it’s committed against a white male?

Which brings me to:White Males, the Fat, the Religious, and Smokers are the last people on whom the season is always open; they are the vermin of the New Humanity, and need to be eliminated at all cost. Scratch that, enslave them with onerous taxes so they can support the lifestyles of the True Real Extra Good people who are never judgemental. (The Rich are also in there, but everyone knows all rich people are white males, right? A black man can’t be rich anymore than he can be racist. GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OUT OF HIS BANK ACCOUNT!!)

Which brings me to Tam via Marko links to a piece about Hungarians making lists of Jews. if you listen, you can hear the melody, I’m sure we all know this song.

We don’t learn. As a race, Humans have lost the ability to learn from their mistakes and grow. It’s still possible as individuals, but soon that may go away.

Famously, Twain said “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Yes, Mr Clemens, yes it does.

When I was a lot younger

I had a thing for Marlo Thomas. Then she married that socialist dirtbag Donahue and it ruined it all for me.

Now that we’ve dropped cable and just have broadcast TV, the old “That Girl” reruns are on, and I have struggled to figure out what it is I saw that I thought was so interesting.

On the other hand, Mary Tyler Moore had it going on. As Mary Richards or as Laura Petrie, that woman had a fine keister, and no two ways about it. Watching her run around the set of the MTM show with those high waisted polyester plaid pantsuits makes Mr Happy very happy indeed. And she was 40 at the end of that run.

Welp, still poor

I had to have the ticket, anyway. I tend to buy a couple dollars worth just so I can hold that ticket above the sunvisor, and say, yeah, this time tomorrow, I could be on my way to Ducks Hill Road, Northwood, Middlesex. Instead, I’m headed down to a friend’s hunting property in Danville.

I’m not complaining, trust me.

But it would be nice to spend a couple weeks at Holland and Holland’s shooting school, Lord knows.

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