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Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Mr B and Midwest Chick

stoped by to drop off their leaf vac, which they were so graciously loaning me, and show me how it is properly used. We all expressed astonishment at how anyone can be so unprepared as to not even have three or four days worth of food. I guess the idea of not being prepared is utterly alien to me; I grew up in a house where, if someone had some extra green beans in their garden or field, free for the asking, we would go pick them and can them. We had a pantry and a freezer that could sustain us for AGES.

In 1977, a month to the day before my 18th birthday, a lightning strike caused a chain reaction of circuit failures thatplunged NYC into darkness and chaos. Looting, arson, and lots of other nastiness took place, even though power began to be restored as early as the next day.

Thirty five years later this still takes them by surprise. Talk about a “Confederacy of dunces”. A “Dunce” is defined as someone incapable of learning, and as Oscar Wilde famously said, “Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching”

The intelligentsia in NYC want to tell the rest of the country how to live, eat, act, etc.

Few of them could find their asses with a CDV-700 if shit were radioactive.

For three weeks

I stayed in rooms that were large and had wide doors, huge showers into which you could roll a Rascal if you were so inclined, tall toilets and functional remote controls.

Last week I stayed in a handicapped room. I know it was because it said so on the door. It had narrow doors, a bathtub too narrow for anyone not anorectic, and a low toilet. And the remote didn’t work. How is that a handicapped room?