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Monday, November 5th, 2012

Three weeks ago today

I cracked my head on a machine, and due to my persistence at scratching it it became infected, until I finally lanced it with my pocketknife in the shower friday morning.

Later, on the plane, I rubbed it and started the bleeding again. Not a lot, but my hair is fairly short (I’m overdue for a high&tight but I may just wait until spring) and it’s easy to spot.

Flight attendant: “Sir” (Whispering in my ear)”Your head is bleeding”
me, touching hand to head “So it is. Can I get another Mr and Mrs T?”
Flight attendant “Would you like a bandaid or something?”
me: “it won’t stick to my hair. It’ll stop in a second or two” I grabbed a napkin off her tray and dabbed the frsh blood off my neck and sure enough it was gone. My blood clots like a maniac.
Flight attendant:” Arent’ you concerned?”
Me: “Yes, if you spill that coffee on me you will be too” (She had been holding the carafe over my crotch all this time)

I guess I just dont’ get too excited about too much anymore.


In the fine print portion of your Indiana Ballot, all you Hoosiers, vote “DO NOT RETAIN STEVEN H DAVID”. Ms X says to retain Robert D. Rucker, and as she’s well and truly done her research on this and I mostly trust her judgement, I will vote “Retain” on a judge for a the very first time in my life.

I would be remiss in not mentioning this fine post by Buttercup or this incredible piece by Mark Steyn.

And as much as I love you all I hope to hell I’ve pissed enough of you off that you’ll go out and vote just so you can yell at me later “I voted and things got WORSE!” Which of course they will in either event, I’ve never claimed they wouldn’t.

Vote in the morning people. Don’t lollygag around until nine and make me wait till midnight for the results. I still have a bad case of acid indigestion left over from Bush/Gore. The cost of Tums is skyrocketing.