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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

bear in mind

No matter who gets to be the Top Monkey, we’re the frog.

What we have to do is learn to bite.

Crock the Vote!

Today, scumbags, slimeballs, crooks, criminals, fools and fucktards will have probably convinced enough abject morons that the Won is doing a really good job and should be re-elected.

Let’s get serious a moment. Without the aforementioned scum of the earth, and anencephalic bastards to support them, a democrat couldn’t get elected to the student council. Socialism runs counter to all sanity, and only constant work by the media, the educational system, and the trade unions keep enough people stupid enough that they believe the steady stream of lies told them.

I fully expect this election to be stolen, and the closer it is the more stolen it will be. And then the bell will have rung.

This may well be a judgement on our society by the creator. I would, in fact, find it hard to believe it was not.

If this is the case, what are our actions, if you have faith? Are we to enter into a holy war, or are we to use only our intellect to fight the upcoming battle?

In the late 1500’s Judah Loew ben Bezalel the MaHaRal of Prague supposedly created a golem. A being endowed with life, for the MaHaRal was a gifted and holy man who had understood the endowment of life by the Creator, and was able to bestow life on common clay, though without a soul. The Golem of Prague terrorized the gentiles who were opressing the Jews, until the Gentiles begged Judah to destroy the golem. When he had created the Golem, he animated it by writing “אמת” (Emet, or “Truth”) on the golems forhead; he erased the א leaving only “מת ” (Met, or Dead) which stopped it. Apparently the MaHaRal kept it in his attic in case he ever needed protection again.

Can we erase the א from our Dear Readers head? Can we begin to take our country back today, or is our long national nightmare barely begun?