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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

And now, cool stuff.

Check THIS out.

Well, the Republic had a good long run.

To all of those “Principalled” voters who stood by their “Principals”, thanks. When I have to live like an animal, I’ll remember that you did what you thought was right. And all you who suffered under the evil delusion that “Voting is immoral”, have fun in hell. I only hope I get there first so I can make up your bed. You won’t like it.

It isn’t any fun to learn that the majority of your countrymen are abject morons. On the other hand, it will be easier not to feel much compassion for them when they’re starving to death because of their own stupid.

Edited to add:

Lord, if I will have friends, then let them be my friends.
let them stand at my shoulder and enjoy my joy
Let them stand on my ramparts and mix their blood with mine.

And if I will have enemies, let them be my enemies.
let them hate me squarely and without reservation
I will see them on their ramparts and know precisely where they stand

I will feel the teeth of my enemy in my flesh,
and I will feel the flesh of my enemy in my teeth

I will hold the hand of my friend
and he will holld mine.

Deliver me from the apathete. Friend nor enemy to none,
they weaken me and strengthen my enemies,
in the name of “Doing unto others” They are all that can truly defeat me.

I spent last evening

reading the first (I think) of the Travis McGee novels. (Deep Blue Goodbye)

I have to say I started reading it right after the last of the Pratchett books, and was immediately disapointed, the difference in writing style is astounding. I had to put it down and get in the mood for it first.

I am a little put off by the way he spends so damned much time developing details I’m frankly not all that interested in and are not necesarily cogent to the book; I consider the way he’s coyly promiscuous with anything skirtwise a bit crude- but it’s coming along. If the next books straighten up I may enjoy them a good deal. Update: Oh, nevermind, he’s a moron, this will be the last one of THESE I read.

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing I have no stomach for the erection. I am going to get a sound nights sleep and deal with what the morning brings, because that is all any of us can do.

But if Obama gets elected, my life will be a whole lot different by friday. And no, I won’t discuss any of it here.