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Saturday, November 10th, 2012


Land a good friend allowed me to hunt last year. Everything looks good, I just hope I have a good shot at a deer.

Very beautiful piece of property. And drivingback across the Indiana plains, watching the storm pass north and west of me, I realize flatland is in my soul. I have stood on high granite escarpments and walked mountain passes, and they are beautiful, but i love the plains.

Well, shut my mouth!

In conversation with a friend the other night I asserted that squirrels hibernate; they do not. Chipmunks do, and that is what I had personal experience with, but not so squirrels; they become dormant and you rarely see them, but it is not true hibernation.

What I have personal experience with is Chipmunks, who do enter hibernation. If you make note of where chippie burrows are in the summer, and in the very early spring tunnel down to them, it is not hard to find one hibernating, curled up into a little comma, heartbeat barely discernable.

And stick it in your sister’s underwear drawer.

Or so I’m told.