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Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The Loaves and the Fishes

I know a lot of you don’t read Ann Barnhardt because she comes across as shrill. A lot of you may not know anything about her at all. But she’s dead on where it comes to Church doctrine and dogma. That pisses people off the most because it means their firmly held convictions are wrong. (oh, how the protestants must hate her).

Anyway, she has a column up today about the loaves and the fishes, and it’s an amazing read. And she is smack dab on top of the truth, like it or not.

Since you can’t permalink to anything she has out there it’s the column dated Nov. 19. The substance of the column is that the FedGov is trying to take the place of God, by promising free shit for everyone.

Jesus fed the multitudes, and a few people have annoyed Ann about “Why is that any different?”
Well, duh. because Jesus actualy WAS the Messiah, and wingnut head is the opposite.

Money quote:

God always performs the miracle first, then invites us to worship Him, and delivers heaven.

Satan, through the State, demands the worship first, promising miracles as a reward for the worship, and then delivers nothing but hell.

Ann (I suspect) fully expects to be in prison very soon, and I wish I could say I disagree with her reason or her tactics; she is doing what she can to starve the beast, and frankly, if there were enough people with her testicles, we could do so. Lord knows I don’t have balls that big.

G-d provides. Let me make that very clear. When my daughter decided she wanted to go to a specific high school, whose tuition is on a par with my house payment, the money showed up. This is the argument the malthusians hate, because the existence of a God who provides for his creation is a great big hole in their logic (such as it is).

Ann may piss you off but you should be reading anyway. Especially her 8 part plan. As she points out, she is talking to the remnant. Be the remnant; or get left behind.

No luck yesterday

Saw a bunch of blasted turkeys. Of course, since it’s not turkey season and I didn’t have turkey-legal equipment anyway.

Spent the day mostly sitting in the stand. I did drive a few screws into it here and there to increase it’s safety, but otherwise it was mostly not being at work, and that in itself was magnificent.


Yes, I know the sling is on backwards.The metal buckle doesn’t rub against my shoulder this way.

Will be back out tomorrow and possibly black friday.