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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Annnnd, Work.

So I was just about to lie back down and let my sinuses explode in reasonable quiet when i got the call to deal with some work related silliness.

I really am supposed to be on vacation.

So i run in and deal. No biggie, it gives me leverage to take some time next week I’ll need for the Roe and Roeper show.

On the way in, I pass a center lane Caddie CTS doing 50. As I motor by on his left he glares at me as if to say “No 14 year old SUV is gonna outrun me!” And he puts down the phone and guns it, catching up with me in a couple miles. Then he picks up the phone again and I end up having to pass him AGAIN, this time he’s so distracted he doesn’t even see me till I’m quite a distance ahead of him and then guns it to catch up with me again.

I have it on cruise the whole time; traffic is light and I can just set it and, as Ron always said, forget it. So Mr Caddy that Zigs is ahead of me, then on the phone, then ahead of me, then on the phone, and by the time I get to work he’s trying to catch up with me AGAIN. Dude, you been pwned by an Exploder on cruise control.

Good lord, people are strange.


I’ve developed some kind of head cold or sinus infection that is kicking my ass. So if I was smart, I’d just go back to bed and stay there, but instead I’m going to be working around the house, trying to get my CHAINSAW WORKING and maybe getting some more wood cut.