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December 2012

yay for lo-tech.

I have several customers who have old equipment. Robots and machine tools built before a certain time have RS232 ports and that is their ONLY method of communication to the outside world. I had programmed this robot some time ago, and we had never backed it up. SO I tunneled around until I found an old Pentium computer that had Dos 6.0 on it, and a serial port. And I had to ressurect a bunch of brain cells that I haven’t used in a very long time, but I managed to accomplish a backup of the old girl.

This is why I can never completely switch to Mac, this is one of at least a dozen types of machinery that can ONLY communicate with PC’s. And there are literally hundreds of thousands of these robots/machines out there. And now, it’s limited to only PC’s that have serial ports, and slow clock speeds. So I have to keep a couple around just to that purpose. I ought to set them up and get them connected so I can move the files around. Pity nobody makes an RS232 to USB adapter.

Chainsaw MK 2, and the Intarweb is Awesome!

I got the chainsaw running a couple days back but it didn’t seem to want to idle, and watching an internet video I discovered I had the throttle cable set wrong. Once I got that right I managed to get the idle and the high and low jets adjusted nicely, and it fair hums. (It’s an easy mistake, where the throttle cable goes is counterintuitive until you see a cross section of it installed properly) And then it wouldn’t cut- but I figured it was the chain. My buddy Werner showed me it was a Nerf chain, designed for people who were likely to hurt themselves. I had no idea the nanny state had gone this far, but there it is. Anyway, it turns out I had already purchased one of the non-nerf type chains (non anti kickback), and I sharpened it, put it on, and it cuts frozen hardwood like a hot knife through butter. I loves me a chainsaw.

No, not enough to get one socketed to my arm, but still.

B writes about the Resistance.

And quotes the same Solzhenitsyn piece I did earlier this month. Alger picks up the ball from Bob Owens, all well connected to what Farmer Frank is saying here.

I had hoped we could avert this sort of situation, and I have hope still. But I am not ruling out anything.

To those without young children, or other hostages to your fortune: You are the front lines. If the shit hits the fan, you are the advance guard, and you need to hold back the tide until those of us with young children get them to relative safety.And to those with small children, have a plan to get them someplace safe, out of the country if need be.

Yes, it’s too soon to know what will happen. And it’s too soon to know- really- what to do. But it is not too soon to be prepared.

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