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Joe got it just right, I think the argument can be easily made that Life, Liberty, andthe Pursuit of Happiness are the most basic of human rights, and the examples I gave were specific to someone denying someone else of those rights.
Murder deprives someone of their right to Life.
Rape deprives someone of their right to freedom
Theft deprives someone of their property, and can certainly affect their pursuit of happiness.
That morality is secular, and exists outside of any faith.
There are tenets of faith that each faith considers it’s morality; certainly, Catholics have their share of prohibitions as do Jews, and the buddhists and muslims are another thing altogether. At the end of the discussion, though, all sane people can agree on the morality based, as I’ve said, on nothing more than basic human rights.

I am of the opinion that the more laws that are made that protect manufactured rights (green/environmental laws, hate crime legislation yadda yadda) the further they stray from what is right and proper. I am no more enamoured of laws that are designed to make theological morality secular.
Point: Abortion is NOT a theoogical moral. It is strictly secular, and always has been: Abortion deprives an individual of it’s right to life. In the case of rape, can anyone here tell me how an immoral act makes another immoral act ok? Anyone? Point:Gay marriage is not and never has been about the freedom of one group to do as they please, it is about one group (And a bloody small one, to boot) depriving another group of their right to worship as they please. Anyone who doesn’t see this has well and truly drunk the kool-ade.

More after I’ve slept. Long week trying to kill bambi with zero success.