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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Blogerrating bleg

This is a wordpress blog. I have a half dozen things I’d like to change about it. I haven’t been able to nor do I know how, and I don’t want to. Anyone know a good wordpress coder who works cheap?

Six months and change ago

I got my new Capps Shoes Commanders. I love them now as much as I loved them then, and I am actually quite upset when I have to take them off and put on boots, even my good Danner boots. These shoes are insanely comfortable for my feet. I have a good deal of rollout when I walk and the shape of these prevents that or at least ameliorates it. I will be buying another pair on the 1 year anniversary. I may even see if I can have a pair custom made with a stiffer vamp.

I hadn’t in a while, so I shined them up tonight, they still take a shine nicely and look presentable. If I was going to be in a wedding or doing a lot more funerals I’d get a pair of the patent leather ones.