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Thursday, December 6th, 2012

So I might occasionally have an acid flashback,

so what.

All I know, is, you open this video and stop it at the beginning. Turn the sound up on this one
Then you open this video and stop it at 0:45. Turn the sound down on this one.
Then you start them both as close to each other as possible, and watch Chris Walken dancing while listening to “Walking In Rhythm” by the Blackbyrds.

You now have experienced the darkside of the Moon, Walken In Rhythm style. Probably works better if you wake and bake a little first.

Time marches on.

While doing a bit of reading about Brubeck last night I did a little wikiwandering looking at other artists; my dear old friend and confidant Mlle Jenny reminds me that the combined age of the Stones is about 275, the Who (if they were all still alive) is about 270, and the Beatles, if they were still alive, at 283.

Donald Fagen is 64, Walter becker 62

Anne Wilson was born in 1950 and Nancy in 1954.

Damn, motherfuckers, when did we get old? When did our musicians get so old?