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Friday, December 7th, 2012

One of the very best things

about having told Dish Network to pound sand, is watching PBS again. No, I’m not a fan of the way they sell it as a religion, like owning Apple computers or driving Volkswagons, but I do like Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.

A lot of shit they did never made any sense to me but now that I’ve learned some things about the science of cooking from Alton Brown a lot of it works better. Even simple things like scrambling and poaching eggs actually make a huge amount of sense now. And Jacques and Julia are so good together, and he is still doing it. I can’t fault anyone who likes to make and eat good food. Well, not for THAT, anyway.


has been one of those mornings when I roll my chair over in front of the gun cabinet and just bask in the glow of those firearms. The M1 carbine, the Win94, the Marlin. I fix the bayonet on the K31. I do the same for the M1 carbine. (I’m still waiting for an M9 for the AR). I check to see that the screw on caps on Ma Bell are tight, and I take the backhoe out of it’s case, assemble it, and lay it on my lap.