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Sunday, December 16th, 2012

We have, in this country

as is becoming more and more apparent, a mental health issue.

B, and others, might seem a little paranoid, but I’m right there with him; I fully expect that these “Events” are being orchestrated and then co-ordinated withthe Agency of Lies.

But these things also happen regardless of outside influence; there are just some people who do not have the filter that tells them it is not ok to solve problems with violence visited upon the innocent. (I have no issue whatsoever with violence visited upon the guilty).

That kind of mental health issue is a dirty little secret in this country, and few know about it. My cousin was a prominent mental health expert, a man who had done so well in his education that he could and did have his pick of the top positions in his field. And he did.

And then he found out that the entire profession was focused on the idea that you open your office, hang a shingle, and hope for enough well off people with enough disposable income and hold their hands for thirty years, living the high life in the meantime.

he quit, and ran a large restaurant franchise instead.

Mental health is the rodney dangerfield of medical conditions,a nd it does not have to be, but at least Obamacare will fix it, right? People think “All you have to do is not be depressed” or bipolar or whatever, and it doesn’t work like that.
There exists the ability to provide meaningful treatment for those with mental health issues, and few people actually use it.

This, not puritanism or the desire to “Control someone’s body” is what makes me want to prevent rampant recreational drug use; take a look at the people who do most of this bullshit and tell me what kind of recreational drugs they have in their system.

Updated to add: In case anyone doesn’t understand the point of this post, it is threefold:

1: Is this contrived? I think it might be. Also, this. mr Feelgood got your blood boiling yet?
2: Prescription drugs properly prescribed to help people with legitimate mental health issues = good.
3: letting whackjobs have unfettered access to recreational drugs to which they have no idea how they will react = bad.


Last night I dreampt

the ex came by and begged me to spank her.

As ample as her backside had become, this was not an unsubstantial task.

I did my best.