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January 2013

We will be seeing

A good deal more press about shootings and “Gun nuts gone wild” and “Gun nuts who have a beef with the government” which is all part and parcel of the media message.

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, and St Louis, and Compton, and Detroit, people keep getting murdered every day, and there is NO PRESS ON IT because they are brown. Could it be that the press doesn’t care about brown people? That can’t possibly be the case, can it?

There was a time when it took a good deal of extra effort to be a black man doing anything. You had to be better than anyone else in almost every way. This gave us people like Ben Carson, and Carl Brashier (Both portrayed in their biopics by Cuba Gooding Junior, by the way, and both excellent movies).

The tables have turned. Now Gunnies are the new opressed class, and each time one does something stupid, we all are painted with the same bloodstained brush.

This will  not get better. As the government pressure on gunnies increases, there will be more and more of this, and it will be used as more incentive to disarm us. We must all be on our best behavior with our guns and with our mouths. yes, we know statistically we’re the safest people on earth, yes we know statistically that a swimming pool is thousands of times more dangerous than the average gunnie, but the media doesn’t care about us anymore than it cares about all those brown people that die everyday, because it does not fit their narrative. Be the best you can be, in every possible way. And be that every day. Teach people by your example what they will never learn from the Media.

A modest proposal.

Instead of targeting law abiding people who will never shoot up a school, let’s do some drilling down to the facts, and make laws based on that.

Lets make a law that makes it illegal to take a loaded gun into a public OR PRIVATE place AND use it to shoot at innocent people.  This gets directly to the heart of the issue, does it not?

Why arent’ lawmakers clamoring to make this happen?

Gyros dreams

bad enough that I was cropdusting all day, the gyros (or the mushrooms, I dont know which) caused me to have some wild ass dreams.

The dream centered around the weekend’s blogmeet; the waiter with the multiple face piercings and odd aroma came in screaming about “The incessant order changes” and shooting away; I collected some birdshot but Tam took a good center mass hit before Joanna pulled a Mossberg 500 with a black pistol grip and pistol grip forend out of her purse and took the guy out pretty decisively. (What, she said, it’s a tardis purse) Anyway the paramedics were working furiously at Tam, and she looked to be slipping away, just as a cop picked up the shooters weapon, and Tam caught a glimpse.

‘WHAT!!!!!” she sat bolt upright, throwing the paramedics aside “A FUCKING JUDGE? I AM NOT GOING TO FALL VICTIM TO A TAURUS JUDGE!!!”

Rage alone got her to the hospital where they were able to patch her up nicely. For some reason I rode in the passenger seat of the ambulance, using a nail file to pick birdshot out of my scalp. After dealing with Tam, the ER doc looked at my head, poured some cheap vodka on my little pinpricks, and told me not to get a haircut for a while until they all healed.

Busy as a three peckered goat at the moment, so I couldn’t make it to the blogmeet in any event. And I regularly dream about winning the lottery so you are all safe.  Still. I’m gonna try eating the gyros by themselves and the mushrooms by themselves and see which one causes the dreams. I bet it’s the mushrooms, now I think about it.

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