I have 410,000 miles on the old exploder (More, but I put 410 on it myself) I put 205 on the van that preceeded it. I drove it’s predecessor, a Probe, for around 275,000 miles. Prior to that it was a wound up little escrote I thrashed about for 60,000 miles. And now I’ve put about 72 on this exploder. I’ve driven over a million miles since i began doing this work.
Tam was talking yesterday about missing the cruise,but I never used mine. In fact it was broken on the old exploder for over a hundred thousand miles and I didn’t even know it till I took it in for a recall notice. I always prefer to let my foot figure out where it wants to be.

Power windows, now that I like. And automatic door locks, but you can put that on damned near any car for a few bucks. When the lock on the passenger side of the old sploder worked its way loose from it’s rivets, I was nuts till I got it fixed.

I do miss driving a stick, I like it and I want to get another one soon. There are old beater 944’s around everywhere, and I can fit in one ok, and they’re cheap as chips, so I may do something like that, or find a wrx some kid ran out of money on, or something.