Last three days I’ve had this stuck in my head.

I have always loved Mathis’ voice, he has an amazing talent. And this song specifically is excellent, though the X files tried like hell to ruin it for me. (That was a great episode, but couldn’t they have used a different song?)

Anyway, some thirty years ago, on a shoot with my former fatherinlaw, who was a BIG fan of Mathis, he had pulled some strings to get a chance at shooting the Man Himself while he was visiting/performing in Chicago. I stayed in the lobby while the fatheirnlaw went in to photograph/speak withhis favorite musician,. and in a short time he came back out again, said “We’re leaving” and we did.

Later I learned that Mr Mathis had suggested to my FIL that they spend the afternoon, and indeed the evening together, and made it very clear what he was interested in. The FIL, having never seen a pillowbiter up close before, was completely flummoxed, and never spoke of the incident to me, I had to hear it secondhand from his wife.

Anyway, when I hear Johnny sing “Wonderful Wonderful” I try not to think of him singing it to someone named Steve, and I’m fine, it lets me enjoy it a good deal more.