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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I didnt take a lot of pictures

AT the shot show, a lot of other people will have those, the ones Jay is posting are intensely good.  No, I’d like to talk about the things I see when I look at the offerings at the show.

First of all, the chinese have caught up. I know that several Japanese manufacturers of machine tools have been selling like hotcakes to the Chinese, and it shows. The quality of the Chinese parts (sights, handguards, odds and ends) is increasing dramatically and the prices plummeting.  I’m a big fan of items made in America, so I still try to buy them- but when the Chinese stuff starts to be better quality, it makes it hard.

There WAS a good deal of stuff starting to shift away from China. A few people are realizing- hey, I have been selling this collapsible M4 stock for $110 for years, and the Chinese are selling them for $44, so if I can sell them for $49 I can just about compete with China! And that is actually happening. Leapers, for instance, has a growing assortment of US made products, where last show, to my knowledge, they had none.

The current culture has everyone scrambling for milspec autos, and that’s fine by me, but I like ‘Traditional” guns, and while there were fewer there than in ages past, the ones they did have were damned nice. The italians always make fine looking firearms, and while I know more than a few people who dislike Krieghof, I would not kick one out of bed. I was also pleased to see Benelli had some spectacular shotguns in the Montefeltro and Legacy lines, because since the Auto-5 (The finest Shotgun design in history) there haven’t been really pretty autos. The idea of a really pretty auto from an Italian maker pleases me no end. And I want to get that guy’s ass off my fop post.

TSA stupid.

This guy, no way TSA had to search him, he wasn’t concealing anything.



me, I usually carry a Nitrolon Surefire everywhere I go, and the TSA guy was making noises like I couldn’t have it and he was going to have to confiscate it.

Now, I’ve flown with this thing for YEARS. it’s a bit rugged looking and will never really be clean again. But it works, and it’s very bright.  Most guys just look at it and let me pass through. THis guy decided he needed another nice flashlight, so he stood there with it in his hands ready to quote some regulation he made up on the spot as to why he couldn’t let me take it on the plane.

So I said “Damn. I guess I’ll just have to go back to sticking it up my ass again”

he dropped it like a hand grenade and waved me on.