Many years ago, I was in Cabelas looking at the guns I don’t own yet, and saw a little Plainfield carbine in the showcase. I asked to look at it and they unlocked the case- it wasn’t there because it was particularly valuable, but because it wouldn’t fit in a rifle rack because of its hideous wire stock. It looked like this.

I knew exactly what it was, and though it was an ugly duckling I could see it in a new stock already.

So Partner loaned me the cash and I haggled them down to $248, if memory serves. I think on that day we also negotiated a Springer for Partner. Anyway, since then, I have tried to pay him back for it, but he says it’s commission for the money I’ve negotiated off his firearm purchases (I seem to have the soul of an Arab goat trader.)

Anyway I got a nice new stock from a friend of mine who manufactures them, and finished it nice, and it looks like this. I’ve posted this picture before.

The old stock sat around gathering dust for some years until I decided to put it on Ebay, where I got $200 plus shipping for it as fast as you can imagine.

So the carbine cost 48 bucks, basically.