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Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Because there need to be more eyes on it

And because I was swamped the last couple days and was not able to do it justice, go and read Pascal’s comments on Reagan’s birthday. They are worth your time.

Pat Quinn is On the Ball!

With his new push for Fiscal Responsibility in Illinois, signified by his deeply held theme “Hard is not impossible” pat Quinn gives hope to all the mental defectives and morally bankrupt short bus foam helmet window lickers everywhere: No matter how backwards, ignorant, and moronic you are, if you lick the right assholes and smile as you swallow afterwards, you too can be the governor of the worst run state in modern times.

This shows a lack of comprehension of the problems that illinois faces that can only be described as epic, an unawareness of the stupidity of his own position that can best be described by the term “heroic”, and a cyclopean inability to see anything but the move forward into financial doom. How is it possible for one man to be that ignorant? it isn’t. he has whole TEAMS of morons assisting him, to allow him to develop stupid on that level.

The girl at the 7-11

where I buy the journal and the occasional donuthas a box of punchkes on the counter, tuesday. “Oh no!”
I said, “Not already!” “Yep” she says “Does this mean no more donuts for you?”

I thought so for sure, but it’s actually next tuesday. I have several days to engage in gluttony yet.

This lenten season will be a time of a lot of introspection for me. I have a few things I need to set right, and a few things I need to set in order.