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Friday, February 15th, 2013

OK, some pics

Until I can get a decent camera you’ll just have to put up with the crappy cellphone pics. Thing is, my cellphone takes better pics than the camera I do have.

Click to embiggenate. Next is a closer shot of the receiver:


The receiver is not too heavily polished, I used tripoli cut and color, and white alumina color compound. This is just what it looks like clean.
This is the new buttplate, ground to fit. I wet it just a bit so you can get an dea how it will look when done, there’s still a lot of sanding to do.

Cottage Industry:

Bubba’s mobile duct tape brazilian salon.

Srsly: low overhead, you drive around an old Winnebago with a barcalounger screwed to the floor, a liberal supply of tape and alcohol, and some clean softwood sticks.
“Here, take a good snort of old kessler and bite down on this, and youll be fine in just a second”. Cant be any worse than waxing.