I’m never trimming my toenails again without eye protection. I think I missed losing an eye last night by around 3mm.

The dog has a pattern we have followed now for many years. I tie him out, he barks a couple times then realizes, hey, I came out here to shit! then he wanders around, squats, and sniffs around for a bit until he realizes he’s alone, then barks again to be let back in.

Last night he had a whole new sound to his bark, a frantic sound, frenetic even, and i went out to see what he was so worked up over.

A little pack of coyotes was running through the yard. A big male and female, and two younger females. The male looked big, maybe 40 lbs.

While I would shoot them in a minute if i had chickens or other livestock, I’m damned if I’mna harm a hair on their heads here.Professional courtesy, maybe.