Rush was talking about the disconnect people have with reality; he cited how many people were displeased with the state of the nation and how at the same time they thought that Wingnuthead was doing a fine job.

he stated something I have heard before but not for a very long time, and it is perfectly applied here:

“You cannot awaken someone who is only pretending to be asleep”

The morons who are fucking us at every turn are immune to your reason and your discussion. They “believe” in their Godhead, despite knowing that he isn’t accomplishing a single useful thing. You cannot convince them.

You cannot convince them. You cannot awaken someone who is only pretending to be asleep.

The morons are aware of the facts, but the facts mean nothing in the face of their beliefs. And their beliefs are strong. Unfortunately they are not strong enough to make their beliefs into facts, but they neither know this nor care.

And there you stand. You have a sling and a stone, and you face the largest philistine ever, the combined forces of the media, the unions, and the educational system. The time is coming when you will need to put the sling in the stone. And when you do, you will not be welcomed as a hero, you will be derided and abused and condemned by the press, by the fedgov, and probably even by people you think are your friends. What will you do? Will you throw the stone? or will you yap some more, hoping that maybe you can find the one thing to say that will drop Goliath to his knees? You will not. As I have been chided for saying before, yapping doesn’t work.