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Monday, February 25th, 2013

Claritin dreams

There is a local house I have always loved and admired, and I dreampt I was given a chance to look at it in an open house situation.

I wandered in and found that it was palimpsest-that each of it’s owners had left their mark on it, and some of them were not so pretty.

The original structure was good, and solid, and retained the flavor of the era in which it was built, but it had been added on over and over by the different owners- some of the additions were at least structurally OK, but there were some tarpaper shack addons that were all shag carpet and flocked wallpaper with imitation woodgrain suspended ceiling tiles reeking of dopesmoke. There were stairways that led nowhere, upper rooms with no stairways, wasted space that would shame an oil rich dictator. The areas of the house that were perfect were the ones where the demolition equipment was stored.

During my tour- even during the DREAM, I knew that this was a metaphor for our government. And then the new owner showed up, driving an affirmative action ride- you know, the car far too expensive for him, that he bought using our tax dollars, and against which he would file bankruptcy so he didn’t have to make the payments, and then not maintain so it hit the market used and abused. Anyway, he showed up, and like all people fat off the labor of others without ever having to labor himself, he had attitude and was talking about demolishing the still sound original structure so space could be made for the new progressivisim. the Oglet ran alongside the car yelling ‘You’re ruining it! it won’t be worth anything anymore if you do that!” and I shushed her and took her aside, and explained that yapping about this would only strengthen their resolve to fuck this up faster, and how we needed to do “other” things.

Good lord, i wish I were wrong about this.

I do have to admit

that despite my complete willingness to write the neti pot off as third world quackery, it does seem to help relieve some of the pressure on my sinuses.

less so with ketchup than with saline solution, mind you.