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March 2018

In an effort

To post more regularly, I will try to at least post something here each Monday, and see where that leads.

From last friday:

An old, dear friend of mine, a hunting companion, mentor, advisor, sometime financier, and possibly the decentest, most moral man I have ever met, went back to his Creator last night. Warrior. Healer. Survivor of multiple cancers and traumas and injuries, Father of young men and woman as moral and decent as himself. A huge brain and a huger heart.

This is not a shock to me. As when I lost Dad, this has been coming a long time, and only, literally, miracles have staved off the inevitable, now seven or eight years.

I will grant you

That I do not update the blog nearly as much as I used to, or even as I ought, but I’m damned if most of the old bloggers haven’t gone off the damned reservation. I need to trim the blogroll because so many have quit or passed away, but I also need to delete some of the people who used to have thoughtful and insightful posts and are now apparently screaming tinfoil hat retards or over the top bible thumping nutbags.

If you have a blog I link to, sound off and let me know if it’s till active. If you have a blog and I don’t link it, let me know and I will. Maybe with some fresh blood I could turn this place around.