A lot of people will remember the meaning of this word from Pratchett, I got it inserted in me in Latin at about age 14. Privelege means private Law. The idea that a certain group of people can have a law that applies to them, and not to others. And this is a sword that cuts both ways, not only laws enacted to allow the “Upper crust” to act as they pleased. but in Jim Crow laws that were “private” in the sense that they applied only to “Those people”

There is a movement afoot to “Defund police”. The movement has support among the people who believe they have “privilege”, in other words, “Private law”, not only in word but in fact, in other words the legal and personal protective teams in place so that they are not personally in harms way (Or so they would like to think)

The magic- and I use that word in all seriousness- the magic of this nation is that we have established a rule of law. It is the only part of our republic I consider to be sacred, the idea that one set of laws apply to us all, and that no person is above the law, or beneath it.

Recently we haven’t been very good at this, and we’re getting worse. if the law doesn’t apply to you because you can buy your way out of anything, that defeats the purpose of rule of law. If the law can’t be bothered with you as you destroy and loot your neighborhood, kill the shopkeepers, that is also “Privilege” in the sense that it is “Private law”. Not helping.

The best hope for the survival of our nation is a full return to the rule of law, the idea that one set of laws apply to all men all the time, and that there are rewards for being lawful and consequences for being unlawful.

The idea of a “Disenfranchised” subset of the population that has no access to the law, or to justice, is frankly, horseshit. This is a myth that has been propagated for the sole purpose of keeping the “Disenfranchised” disenfranchised. Are injustices done? You betcha. Gonna get better by shutting down the police? What do you think?