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Sunday, June 7th, 2020

it comes to my attention

As I revisit this and try to update what has been going on here, that a lot of the old bloggers are gone, and many of the ones I have been reading, I never linked here.

So I’m updating, deleting, adding. If you’re still coming here and reading and have an active blog, let me know in comments and I will add you.

No doubt

this will call down wrath upon me, but wtf.

I remember seeing a kid throwing a tantrum in Walmart (I know, crazy, right?) and his very permissive mother just continued shopping as if her kid wasn’t screaming and destroying everything he could reach. (Destroying items belonging to Wal Mart, of course. She could care less). The kid had obviously learned that he could get away with anything and that enough tantrum would get him what he wanted.
After about a solid half hour of him pulling items off the shelves and throwing them every which way he decided to throw something at Mom. It hit her in the face and knocked her phone out of her hand, and then she laid a beatdown on that kid that impressed even me.

We are in the middle of a lot of what can only be called uncivil unrest. And out there, raising hell, are three basic types. The first, who I support wholeheartedly, are those calling for justice. I’m all about justice, though i realize in the end there is only death. But fighting for justice is fighting the good fight. And the justice I will fight for so long as I have strength to fight for, is the justice for all, the justice we were taught from children was an intrinsic part of our very American ness.

The second type are those throwing a tantrum. They have learned, as the children of permissive parents learn, that enough tantrums will get them what they want. For looting and rioting are not the actions of adults, they are the actions of emotional and intellectual children, people for whom adulthood has never arrived. And now, like so many times in the past, the permissive adults will cave to their demands- are in fact doing so- because it’s the “Right thing to do”. No, it’s not. A child who grows up without consequences and without appropriate punishment and without rules never attains adulthood. Nothing, in fact, could be more damaging. And so these people who are ‘Doing the appropriate thing” by rioting or destroying the property of people innocent of wrongdoing or harming people or animals are, and always will be, merely emotional and intellectual children who have no desire for justice but only desire revenge, revenge on everyone, no matter how innocent, no matter the cost, because they feel wronged and everyone else must feel the pain. A thousand “Reasons” are given for this behavior- white privilege,(A manufactured “Tantrum” of it’s own) institutional racism (We’ve had a black president, and blacks serve in all levels of government and industry and commerce from the lowest to the highest, enough) but those are all thin and lame excuses that when examined lack any real substance. The only “Reason” for this behavior is failure to develop past emotional and intellectual childhood. I can give even these people a pass, because for the most part they have never had the benefit of adult guidance, as is evidenced by their behavior. And the idea that enough tantrums will get them what they want (Even if what they want is the worst thing they could get) is supported in academia, politics, and the media.

The last type, and the ones that I have no use for whatsoever, are the professional rabble rousers. Those with their own agenda who do not care who or what they harm so long as they create the chaos they desire, because they think it will bring about the utopia they envision. These people are not only emotional and intellectual infants but they have organized and that organisation is and can only be called evil.

Many things have happened to me, and to people I care about. A member of my immediate family was raped in a parking lot, for instance.

Do not think for a minute that I did not have thoughts of taking the law into my own hands. Trust me when I say, I have the ability and the inclination, I could have found this individual and the group who perpetrated this, and made them suffer a great deal. I could also simply have gone through the neighborhood where I ‘Suspected” they lived, throwing firebombs at all the houses.

I did not do this, because I am an adult. I am not a childish thrower of tantrums. And it became very clear that there would be no “justice” for my family member. Not on this side of the clay.

So now millions of dollars of damage have been done, lives ruined, innocent people and animals harmed. And the sentiment towards this rabble, is it better? Have people decided to work harder for real justice, or to just give lip service to it? You decide.

I also keep hearing “peaceful protests don’t work!” Well, tell that to MLK. Tell it to Gandhi. And maybe try some. Some people are, and I applaud them and I will stand at their shoulder literally and figuratively- but the peaceful voices have been drowned out in the flames.

One thing to remember. There are adults out there. And not all of them are the permissive types. And sometime that childish mob will run up against adults who are tired of the destruction and the harm done to innocent lives.