I’m going to ask for as much help as anyone can give me on this, because this idea, I think is bigger than me.

I think in every community a list could be made and given to local funeral homes, of men (and women, if they desire) to do this thing. Churches would be a good place to start. Each community would have one person capable of making arrangements, and that person would call to find out who is available when. Lots of people might only be available weekends. Some might be retired and only too willing to help during the week.

No, I don’t have a catchy name. I was looking to see if Egyptians had any special name for palbearers, since they are most famous for funerals, but I could find no such information. I welcome sugestions.

I like to think of this being groups of six men who go to a funeral home to meet and practice, say, once a month. And drill, so they walk in union, left and right feet hitting the ground at the same time. Subtle and accurate enough that people say,”Wasn’t it nice that uncle Ted was carried by such nice and professional men?” I think someone with that training, a marine or an infantryman, should belong to each group to help with the training. Participants could be drawn from church groups, military units, fire/police departments. I think everyone needs to have a black suit that fits. Matching black ties. Spitshined shoes. Don’t need to be expensive, just dignified.

Comments/suggestions please, by all means.