In reference, were you sleeping, to the post below.

Fact is, we all have our tasks. Here’s a little secret: Take pride in yours. Do it well. Make it a labor of love. Make it yours and yours alone.

There are simple rules to customer service

1: Be prepared. have everything you need to do the job, and some more besides.
2: Arrive before you are due. Doesn’t have to be an hour, but be early.
3: Be eager to do the job. Don’t seem eager, be eager.
4: Work until you’re done. You don’t have to kill yourself, but don’t be seen sitting down.
5: Finish before the customer expects you to be finished.
6: Charge the customer a little less than he expects to pay.
7: Give the customer a little more than he expects to get.

In every job, there are simple rules like this, and following them practically guarantees success.

Maybe Kim and Connie awe people because they are the people they want to be, turned up to 11. I can kind of understand this, because I am very much the person I want to be. I’m very lucky in this, because I have the kind of job that allows me to do such a variety of things, and be productive in such a variety of ways. So to all the people who think highly of the Du Toits, let me say this: You should. But you should not sell yourself short either. Every person I have met as a result of this blog is a wonderful person in their own right. I am in awe of the things Mark Alger does- I truly am. I am amazed at the power of Mr Porretto to pound out miles and miles of deathless prose. I’m overwhelmed by the patience of people like Tammi and Teresa. Chris Byrne is the engineer I would be if I could have been anything but what I am. Dick is a man’s man, a John Carter of Mars dude, smart, fit, deadly, sleek. Velociman a wordsmith who is helping to change the language itself. And then there’s Contagion an dhis beaver sporran.

No, I have no slacker blogger friends. Each is what they are, turned up to 11. I would change not a hair on any of their heads. I respect them all equally, and hold them in outrageous esteem.

I’ve also found that it doesn’t cost me a dime to be nice. Sure, I get a lot of hits when I’m having a pissing contest with someone like Sir Fredrick, and yeah, I know people come back for that- but I’d much rather be nice. I have gone a long way in life by being able to be nice to people, and when they are nice back, (especially when it gains them nothing to be nice) it makes everything worthwhile.