Or as Pascal has labeled them, “postmodernists”

No, not postmodernists in the architectural sense, but in the sense that they reject pure science in favor of the science that supports their theories.

And they will fail. Of course.

They will fail because of human nature- and in fact, because of the nature of Americans.

Sure, a lot of people believe the green partyline, drink the global warming Kool-Ade. And a lot of them are trying, a lot will try, and many will even put up with being forced to try to”save gaiea”.

And then the bonds will chafe. We’ll tire of the bullshit. We’ll tire of having to walk the extra couple miles. We’ll get sick to death of having to drive expensive underpowered crappy cars. We’ll realize that the world is not about to come to an end. And then we’ll toss these morons out like the newspaper used to wrap yesterday’s mackerel.

Witness the Carter administration, which did it’s level best to convince us we were mere months away from running out of gas. And thirty years later, we drive on.

Fact is, nobody wants to be inconvenienced, and we will do everything we can to avoid inconvenience. We have submitted ourselves to the most privacy-invading marketing techniques and tracking devices in the name of convenience, and we will rebel against anything that removes that convenience from us.