If I had to name an author that properly reporesented my home state, it would be… Jean Shepherd.

Vonnegut was a hoosier in the way Letterman was a hoosier- only until he could get the hell out. Yeah, that’s true of Shepherd too, but while he was here he slipped the surly bonds of the planet, not the state.

Vonnegut wrote some interesting books, but he was a pacifist asshole, even though he had seen the stupidity pacifism drags in it’s wake firsthand.

I could never wish ill on the man, he entertained me for a good deal of my youth. I hope he went without undue pain. I’m glad for the navel-gazing he helped me do in my younger years. I’m sure for years to come, hippies will be reading his shit and smoking dope and protesting war in all it’s forms.

Rest in peace, Kilgore.