Officially, Ogmeet 07 will commence at the dinner at Holiday Inn Select in Naperville. Saturday morning, there will be boomstickery at the Buffalo Range CUG came with me last year, and brought a newbie, who is way more than welcome to come back, we will have “new” boomsticks for him to shoot. This isn’t going to be as fancy as the NOR shoot, but it ought to be fun, anyway. Saturday night will be dinner- at Klas in Cicero, if possible, otherwise somewhere close by the hotel in Naperville.

For ACTUAL details, contact Tammi, who unlike me, has her shit all in one sock. And one of the nicest necks in north America. And…. well, I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

COme one come all. There will be guests of honor. Psycho bitches. Hot broads with nice tits. (you ARE gonna be there, right Leslie?) at least one foreign person. A couple of ana chronisms (you two had better show up, or I’m gonna sic the Heat on you)

And, no doubt, a cast of thousands. Come on down, or up, if you can. Promises to be a shindig. Some bloodshed may be warranted. Licking is permitted, but biting is a no-no. Unless they ask you very nice.