DNR tagged me with a meme, and since he’s a nice guy I will forego the drawing and quartering and demonstrate to him the futility of memes- at least where I’m concerned.

Here are the rules as given to me:

Explain how your blog has evolved and site 5 posts that back up your claims.

How can something that has no form evolve?

The last five posts illustrate this fact precisely. or any five, for that matter.

Why did you call your blog ____?

Because “Moby Dick” was already taken.

Tag five people: OK, I tag the fifth, seventh, third, and twenty-second of my personalities, and Alfred E Neuman.

Boring. Want to know shit about me? Read the blog. Sometimes I talk about religion, sometimes crapblogging. Sometimes I talk about guns, or cars, or dogs. Stupid people piss me off, and the world is full of them. If I were to start bitchslapping all the people who deserve it, my arm would start windmilling around like pete Townshend’s, and I’d never be able to stop.

This post brought to you through the offices of LL at Chromed Curses, further proving that shit I won’t do for anyone, I’ll do if a lady asks me nice.,