Handed the keys to the Exploder to someone else, and said “Fix it”.

Well, mostly because the item to be “fixed” was exhaust(all three catalytic converters(- and they could fix it in a couple days, and for the cost of the parts.(plus, I got the good muffler and the OEM parts) So I get someone else to do the labor, and I still get the good parts. Not a spot of rust on the “old” stuff, by the way. I mean, surface rust, but not one thing rusted through.

Unfortunately it means I stay home tomorrow, but i could get some hunting in on Sunday.

At least it was something that could be fixed. Guess I can’t expect that cat to run for 300,000 miles. I expect to drive this for at least another 150,000 miles and at $1500 bucks, that’s about a penny a mile.