Had one of those moments, you know? I’ve been monitoring the van for the last couple weeks, driving it carefully, watching the mileage.

Each time I checked, I was getting about 32 to the gallon.

THis is unheard of. Now, the Ford 3.0 Vulcan (damned good engine) is economical, it’s not THAT exconomical, so I’m freaking just a bit. How can this thing be getting 30 mpg? but I think, Shit, it’s broke, if it’s getting that kind of mileage- but I’m DAMNED if I’m gonna fix it and make the mileage worse. So I’ve kind of just been keeping it under my hat.

Until I said something to Partner and his brother on Christmas day. We’re talking and I look at Partner’s brother and say… “The odometer measures kilometers. The van gets 30-33 kilometers per gallon.” he looked at me and started laughing, and is laughing still. Here I was freaking out about the mileage, and it’s actually almost perfect; it’s getting approx 19-22 mpg.

Good lord.

Well, I guess I was overdue for a senior moment.