I like being the Big Guy. I have always been big, and part of the time I have been fat, too, but I’m back to being just big.

I like that people equate my arrival with tectonic activity. I like that my stride is measurable on nearby geiger counters. I like that I have long arms and a tall and big reach (not as tall or as long as some, but adequate for me) I like that I’m big, and strong, and don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Two things:

A long time ago, a friend got me into the habit of hitting things. Building columns, floors, anvils. he did it all his life- his knuckles were tough with callouses and the hide was thick and knobby over his fist. He said “if you spend your life hitting iron as hard as you can, a jaw feels like a pillow”. I fell out of that habit. I used to punch a brick as hard as I could stand, two, three hundred times a day. I fell out of the practice. I’ve started again.

I should start wearing a shirt that says “if it was me, you’d be dead” A cute picture of my dog for the first person that gets that reference.