26 And so Og didst drive the Exploder over hill and dale, and over a rock the size of a hall closet, and it was good, and Og did grin. 27 But the Exploder was old, and there was much noise from aged parts, and Og did turn up the radio to mask the noise. 28 And then came a noise so horrid that the radio was insufficient 29 Og wept. “Who will rid me of this noisome noise?”. 30 So Og took himself to the Otto-Czone, and the Hot Counter Wench asked Og if he would like the 6 month warranty or the lifetime warranty. 31 Og, intending to keep the Exploder for another age of man, chose the Lifetime Warranty. 32 At the House of Og, there was much swearing, and the twin gods of skinned knuckles and rusted bolts were consulted often. 33 When the time came to press out the old balljoint, the maker of the 35 ton Cframe press didst say “use the 2-3/4″ bushing, and not the 3″ buching, or ye shall surely die” 36 And also the Book of Hay-Nes say “Use only the 2-3/4″ bushing, or thou shall surely die, and all manner of plagues shall be upon thy house”.37 So Og didst use the 2-3/4″ bushing, and a breaker bar of four cubits in length, and no movement of the balljoint was seen 38 Og engaged in much swearing 39 and gnashing of teeth 40 and placing cureses upon the manufacturers of all Exploders and Cframe balljoint presses 41 And there was no rejoicing 42 And so didst Og discover that the 2-3/4″ bushing didst rest upon the press, so that the press removed not the bushing, but merely haused it 43 to be squished 44 “Oh lord” Og said “Why do you send them to me, and why do I have to fix their shit?” 45 so Og used the 3″ bushing, and the balljoint pressed out with ease.46 and there was much rejoicing, and the front axle assembly was reassembled,47 and the Ogwife didst make a fine stir fry with Broccoli still crisp in the stem and tender in the leaf as Og liked it, and there was much more rejoicing 48 and the book of Haynes and the book of the Cframe Press took their place 49amidst the targets to be taken to the range for 50 destruction with boomsticks