In response to a comment at Roberta’s blog, I tried to post this at Counter’s site but could not. THe “you have to belong to one of these clubs to comment here” stuff annoys me no end, but i suppose if you have buckets of traffic you need it, I never have.

Anyway, Counterclockwise gave me grief about mandatory service (a tiny aside in a larger comment about why I think military service is a good thing) and he went into detail at his own site about it. Her’es the comment i tried to leave, but since I’m not one of the kool kids I couldn’t.

OK. So you have latched onto my comment of mandatory service and assumed it meant “conscription” It did not, and you didn’t gather the point I was trying to make. But that’s beside the point of my post.

No, I’m not a knuckle breathing neanderthal (despite the handle) that gets all gooey about the swiss. I hate the swiss, in fact, and do so with a remarkable vigour (not the swiss as individuals, but as an ideology) So when I mention the Swiss ideal it is as a reference to a specific point, which you choose to ignore, basing everything on your own superior knowledge of the subject, while, of course, missing my primary point, which is that mandatory service would as a general rule make Americans better people.(before you wander off on another tangent, please read “As a ganeral rule” three times quickly) I have yet to meet a swiss individual who is not improved- and their respect for their nation and it’s laws increased- by their military service. Although that is certainly anecdotal and I’m confident they exist. I’m sorry to mischaracterize your ‘africa” comment, honestly did miss the “central” bit of it. odd, because that’s where I’ll be in a couple months, you’d think I’d have “central africa” on the brain.

Anyway: My point (of course)wasn’t that hordes of gun wielding statist jackbooted thugs round up all able bodied men and force them at gunpoint onto waiting troop transports, but that Those Who Served are generally better citizens for it, and if you’d like to argue that, I’ll take that challenge, anytime. I’m amazed at how damned touchy people are about “conscription is evil, dude!!”

You aren’t a Ron Paul supporter, are you? (grin)

Smile. And lemme buy you a beer. And chill the fuck out.