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I’m going to discuss something that bugs the shit out of me, and always has.

Third party candidates.

At local levels, sometimes they do well, and some of them actually do some good.

At the national level, not so much. And that is the sharp end of that stick.

There isn’t a chance in hell that a third party candidate will ever get elected in these united states, anytime soon. And there are a lot of reasons for that, both political and economical.

So here is the bottomline, folks. You have a choice between A or B. You can proselytize that C, D, or E would do a better job, and the fact is, you are probably right. hell, I could carve a man from a bananna, to quote Mr Vonnegut, that would do a better job of running this country, than McCain or Obama. I am pretty painfully aware of this, I watch this shit pretty closely. But no matter how much I would like some actual change, I have what I got. A, or B.

Roberta points to her unwillingness to vote A, or B, and I completely understand. More so, I imagine, in ways I prefer not to discuss here. But it’s what we got.

Change needed? Sure. Gonna change anything in a general election? Nope.

The founding fathers gave us this little republic. It’s a ford, or maybe a Chevy. Every so often, we need to replace the alternator. We can get the OEM one, or we can get the Duralast one from Autozone, but the alternative is not walking, it’s the death of the republic. if you want to change direction, do the best job you can of keeping the car running, and then steer.