First of all, nobody make a whole car anymore. This is because of a couple fairly important factors:

1: THe complexity of the modern motor vehicle. As I described previously, the modern car is intensely complex, in a way incredibly few people understand.
2:As the UAW encroached deeper and deeper into the manufacturing end of the business, Ford, GM and Chrysler started making more and more parts outside- these places are called “tier” vendors. Tier vendors often make parts for several manufacturers, and they are capable of producing only a narrow band of components, be they injection molded dashboard parts, or water pumps, or seat covers.

These vendors are predominantly non union, and the people who work there often make minimum wage or less. They run shops like this because that’s the only way they can stay competetive and sell to the auto industry.

Large things, like cylinder heads and engine blocks still come from the Big 3, are still made predominantly in Big 3 plants, because the cash required to cast large quantities of iron etc. are still outside the scope of tier manufacturers. Same with stamping sheet metal, and frame and axle work. But those ‘Major” components only make up a small fraction (less than 25%) of the vehicle. The lions share of a new Ford is made by tier vendors, and assembled in Ford assembly plants.

Why is this important? Because without this process Ford would not be able to sell an Escort for less than $200,000. If only union labor made cars, they would be insanely expensive. The cars are made,, for the most part, by relatively unskilled labor running automatic machinery- they put in a blank part, push the button, and a finished part comes out. And then they do so again. Ad infinitum.

Why do they need to be bailed out? because the burden of overpaid shitheads stamping fenders in Chrysler plants and retirees have drained the company of funds, despite the best cost cutting measures. The restrictions imposed from without by Cafe standards, Osha, and the EPA have all but crippled their ability to manufacture. They want to be helped out of their mess by the people that put them there, understandably.

What will happen if they don’t get bailed out? The union workers will bitch, but the employees of the Tier suppliers will starve.

What SHOULD happen? The companies should file for bankruptcy protection which would give them some bargaining power with the unions and other regulatory agencies.

What is the plan?
Brak and his crones are working- right now- on a plan to save the UNION jobs. They will make it harder for the companies to recover, not easier. There will be more regulation, more gummint intervention, and more bullshit. The union will be protected, and the companies will be forced to operate in a gummint decreed ‘feelgood” manner where they will be forced to make “greener” cars rather than making cars people want to buy.

What will be the outcome? Small tier manufacturers will be forced out of busines or will go offshore, taking their business with them. Cars will turn to abject shit. And Japan will rule the marketplace once and for all, and then the gumint will go after them the same way they’re going after WalMart, because they have succeeded in avoiding unionization.

Don’t believe me? Well, if you don’t work in the industry, you don’t understand, and you probably won’t, and you’re probably wrong. But there it is. Don’t listen to what I say, just open your eyes and watch it all come true. You don’t have to look hard, it’s happening right now.