we have all dropped a dime to bitch about bad service, complain about a store employee, or a product we disliked, or whatever.

Ever call someone to say they were doing a good job?

I get a lot of those calls. The previous types, I mean. Fifteen, twenty years ago, I started getting thos3e calls- usually customer stupidity, but sometimes a legitimate complaint about a machine, or whatever.

One time, maybe ten years back, I got a call saying “hey. Thanks. You came and fixed my stuff, and it now works better, and I’m happy”.

From that moment on, from that phone call on, I have made a point of- at least once a week but USUALLY a LOT more often, of telling people when they are doing a good job. Waitresses, cashiers, suppliers, pastors, friends.

Try it. See what happens. See if your holidays aren’t a little brighter. And then keep it up, for the rest of your life.