Roberta has another post here about anarchy.

I should think that my recent exchange with Billy Beck would have dissuaded her of the notion that people are capable of being civil, but that aside, let’s get down to the nitty of this gritty.

1: If anarchism could work, it would already be, somewhere.
2: if people were capable of civility, there would be no courts system
3: Ayn Rand is the worlds biggest fucktard, and anyone who reads that drivel and thinks “Genius!” needs to have a check-up-from-the-neck-up.

See, ‘Atlas Shrugged” is a fantasy. JUST a fantasy. Those things can never happen, will never happen.

The whole genre, everything written by that dipstick and promoted by her cult of personality is the biggest setback to true conservatism and classical liberalism since the election of that king of fucktards, FDR.

See, the formula that is needed for the best that America can be, is the representative republic we have, with a healthy dose of true conservatism, that is to say, the tendency to conserve, to hold steady, to prevent the growth of government, and classical liberalism- that is to say, the promotion of as much freedom as can generally be managed.

Anarchism or objectivisim, the bong water of political idealism, is fine- so long as everyone remains civil.

yeah, right.

Roberta is the very model of civility, and because she is a decent person, she assumes others will be as well.

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, once. Once they’ve had the chance to screw me, and they do, they don’t get another chance. And it’s rare that someone doesn’t.

I have a lot of people, know a lot of people, who are decent and good humans. But I have been dealing with the general public since my first gig bagging groceries over thirty years ago, and I can absolutely guarantee you this: People are asses. Given the opportunity, they will misbehave. Every Single Time.