As I have said before, we live in the second worst system of government ever conceived by man. With all others tied for first.

The genius behind the representative republic is the fact that it IS an aircraft carrier, and even the biggest fucktard cannot steer it too horribly wrong in four years. The left gets their hands on it, and spin the wheel as hard to the left as possible, causing general mayhem, and generating a lot of bullshit. When the right gets their hands on it, they tend to try to gently nudge it back to the right again. SO for all those people that have despaired of the election of the Chosen One, I reccomend this brilliant essay by Den Beste, to get you in off the ledge. And remember that in an anarchy, this would mean we WOULD BE well and truly fucked, whereas here, we only have a few years of bs to put up with before the grownups come back and set things aright again.