Just because it has to be said: Will Turk Turon just Shut the Fuck Up.
I mean, yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap. It was amazing, he’s a machine. You just cannot shut the guy up no matter what you do, and he just made it impossible for anyone to get a damned word in edgewise.
Nice to see you, boss.
(Lest anyone not get this, Turk barely said a word the whole time i was there. Maybe it was the smell. I trued to wipe up the deer blood, I did.)

Carteach: This is one rare bird- someone who actually MADE A LIVING DOING SOMETHING who is now TEACHING OTHERS. What an amazing concept: Someone might accidentally learn something useful instead of theory that never works in practice. If I didn’t fix my own shit, I’d be knocking on his door looking for referrals to his students. Pity we can’t get more like this- My memories of my favorite instructors- through my whole life- were those who had come to teaching after making a living doing the work. They did so, at least in part, for the same reasons Carteach is doing what he does, I believe, to make sure another generation comes to the fore with some kind of clue. A pleasure to have conversed with you, Sir.

Brigid. Wow. Milk does a body good.

Grouch? that disk is fargtabulous. The “ode to joy” (always one of my favorite pieces) is tasteacular. Yum. Thank you and thank the people involved on my behalf.

For all the rest, sorry we didn’t have a chance to talk more, but there will be other times, no doubt.

Gun people are amazingly decent, aren’t they? What a great group of folks- including the inimitable Roberta X, whose graciousness is beginning to be the stuff of legend.