When I was in Africa, I learned something about bananas.

See, outside just about every little mud walled grass roofed hut in Africa is a bananna tree.

The purpose of this tree is not to provide the family with a supply of fresh bananas, though it does do that.

No, the banana tree is a toilet. They are stiff enough that they can be hung on to, and you do that, and squat, and then you can wipe yourself (if you’re into it, apparently most are not) with the dried leaves of the tree.

I told this to the people I work with over lunch one day, and a co-worker took his banana out of his lunchbag and pushed it across the table at me. ‘Guess I won’t be needing that”.

The tuesday before New Years I was eating wiht him when he pulled an orange out of his bag. “You know” I said “In africa…’

“Take it” he said, and stepped away from the table leaving his lunch mostly uneaten.

Some people just have such weak stomachs.