Tam talks about what makes a good movie here. And Here, comments on Marko’s thoughts on the same subject.

me, I’m of like mind, being a guy.

I like explosions. Machine guns. Half naked wimmins. Big knives. Other big knives. Swords. Ninjas. Explosions. More half naked women. Gadgets. Gimmicks. Sumo wrestlers. Giant, toothy alien creatures whose saliva is acid and who poop baby aliens. Chain smoking fallen angels with magical powers and zippo lighters. Half naked wimmens. Cenobites. Machine guns. Chainsaws. Machine chain saws. Half naked cenobites. Half naked chainsaws. Dead and dying nazis, commies, socialists. Frenchmen with berets being called cowards by the good guys. Tuna. Good guys who win. Good guys who shoot instead of talking. Good guys who shoot, talk, shoot some more, and bad guys who come to the startling revelation that they are busted just before the good guy shoots them. bad guys who get buried alive in concrete. Hippies who turn to zombies who are summarily shot by non-talking good guys. Aliens who turn to half naked zombies who use chainsaws and steampunk machine guns to chase half naked wimmens around large spaceships until the good guy arrives and beams the alien into the depths of space where it explodes, defying the laws of physics. And half naked wimmins.

These, so to speak, are a few of my favorite movie things. Add your own. Hell, i’ll add more myself.